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Company Profile

A little bit of history

KitCom Comunicaciones S.A. was born back in 1996, as a small,  and the second Caffe Internet in San José Costa Rica. We were using dial-up and shared hosting services to provide services to our clientele.


With time, the Internet Caffe service was drop it and we totally moved all the focus to Internet Marketing, Web Hosting and Internet Consultancy Services.


Weather we had a client searching for a Web Directory or to just use the eMail for running a business across the globe, we had to try  everything we had at hand to comply with their needs.


Since 1998 we being innovating on the way we manage the business, from one single server on a physical location where we had to deal with certain amount of RAM, one CPU and limitations on Hard Drives space,  we upgraded to few virtual machines in different geographical locations,  creating one of the first Hybrid Data centers. Where resources and technology can be easily moved from one place to another with a minimum of impact on business operations.


We also develop a deep sense of how SEO Techniques and Market Intelligence works on the Internet which combines very well with our Hosting Services providing a terrific way to get on line and running a business using one of the best strategic partner you can find.



Today, our VAN ( Valued Added Network ) move around 20 000 new business request for our clients, we got around 200 000 classified and selected visitors spread on the VAN nodes and their request may be related with:

  • Cosmetics Dentistry

  • Legal Services

  • Honeymoon Destinations

  • Industrial Services

  • Flowers and Plants


Today we run a Hybrid Datacenter with Nodes on California, Texas y Chicago. All the operations are managed from different locations in Costa Rica and the Nodes are check every 15 minutes from 11 different locations across the globe.


If you need to get on line -or already are- and your expectations are not being met you are more than welcome to get in touch with us and take advantage of our expertise


You will find in KitCom one of the best Strategic allied to take advantage of the multiple opportunities on the Internet.






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Telephones: (506) 8415-0192 / 7114-5160

San Jose,  Costa Rica

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